about us

Haizea TecnoAranda

Haizea TecnoAranda comes from a long tradition and has extensive experience in the steel and Wind Tower Manufacturing sector. This experience has led us to understand that the only path to success is by providing value for our clients.

We provide value through innovation in production processes and comprehensive control of the synchronisation of our supply chain in order to improve:

Our key to success, the people

A company that recognises its clients as its greatest asset and as the perfect strategic ally for good decision making.

A dynamic company that works alongside its clients to design more specific and convenient products for each one, analysing each client individually.

This new philosophy, created by Haizea TecnoAranda, is set to make a difference in the market by covering service needs and professionalism, providing our clients with tangible value.

The main objective of Haizea TecnoAranda is to manufacture wind towers based on a production process that encompasses all the processes needed at the same plant to manufacture wind towers through a continuous, on-line process.

To achieve this, Haizea TecnoAranda has incorporated a high-thickness steel processing centre into its facilities, which provides cut and bevelled steel to the lines of growth of wind tower sections. By including the steel processing centre in our facilities, we have integrated a process into the value chain that enables us to reduce costs, become more flexible in production planning, and improve production quality.

Our large end product storage compound enables our clients to streamline production and ensure sections are ready for times of high installation demand.

With one of the largest installed capacities in Europe, Haizea TecnoAranda has been successfully manufacturing and delivering wind towers for the industry’s main clients since 2009.

Haizea TecnoAranda is an industrial project designed to save on costs and manufacturing times, thus increasing the efficiency of our clients’ resources.


Haizea TecnoAranda is ready to deliver under the highest quality standards, with a continuous production rate of 35 sections a week, covering all types of towers up to a maximum diameter of 5 metres, a section length of 38 metres, a maximum thickness of 85 millimetres, and a maximum weight of 100 tons per section.